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Purifan air purifiers

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Every minute of every day, your home is under siege by an army of unseen particles

Purchase a Purifan System TODAY!

The Purifan System Does The Work,
You Breathe Easier!

The Purifan System relies on the natural science of high and low air pressure. Using and innovative dual-filtration system that includes a charcoal pre-filter and a high-efficiency HEPA grade filter, the Purifan System effectively circulates and recycles air throughout an entire room.

In goes the bad air. Polluted, bacteria-filled air is drawn up from the bottom.

And move it out. Fresh, purified air is channeled back into the room and re-circulated throughout the room for refreshing, "clean air comfort."

No stagnant "dead spots" common with floor model air cleaners. From its distinctive vantage point, the Purifan System distributes air evenly in every direction.

Covers up to 400 square feet.

The Purifan unit uses the ceiling fan as a motor. Manufactured for use on 200 RPM, 52", 5 blade ceiling fan. If a new ceiling fan is needed, we recommend Lowes Harbor Breeze or Builders Best #53606.

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Higher Efficiency, Lower Cost!

The Purifan System's unique design offers other advantages too!
  • No noisy, bulky devices cluttering up your floor space. The Purifan System does its work quietly overhead, out of the way.
  • No outrageous utility bills. Floor model air cleaners are notorious energy hogs. But the energy-efficient Purifan System requires no more electricity than a ceiling fan.
  • The Purifan System is so efficient, an average 20' x 20' room enjoys a complete change of air more than 40 times an hour. That's a minimum of 2,000 cubic feet of fresh air moving every minute.
  • Clean it up... Strategically designed dual-filtration system removes unseen particles as small as .03 micrometers in diameter.




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