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Purifan air purifiers

Purifan Replacement Filters 
Easy Filter Replacement. Purifan Does The Work!
Innovative dual-filtration system that includes a charcoal pre-filter and a high-efficiency HEPA grade filter, the Purifan System effectively circulates and recycles air throughout an entire room.

The Purifan System is so efficient, an average 20' x 20' room enjoys a complete change of air more than 40 times an hour. That's a minimum of 2,000 cubic feet of fresh air moving every minute.

The Purifan unit uses the ceiling fan as a motor. Manufactured for use on 200 RPM, 52", 5 blade ceiling fan. If a new ceiling fan is needed, we recommend Lowes Harbor Breeze or Builders Best #53606.

purifan-filter-change.jpg (14063 bytes)

Removes particles as small as
.03 micrometers in diameter

Clean it up... Strategically designed dual-filter system removes unseen particles as small as .03 micrometers in diameter.

Move it out... Fresh, purified air is channeled back into the room and re-circulated throughout the room for refreshing, "clean air comfort." 


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